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Asoromatase lyrics by Orbeet Ralph


Ogbagba tin gba alail'ara
Baa mi

Asoromatase.... Yeah
Asoromatase.... Oh oh uh oh oh uh oh
Asoromatase.....Elegbo'aroye oo

Verse 1
He is Jehovah, He's not a man
What He says will surely come to pass
Seasons come and seasons go
Not a word of His will go unfulfilled

Though it tarry, I'll wait for it
Cos I know His words to me are true
And while I wait, I'll keep on rejoicing
Cos I know He is Alewilese

Asoromatase... Asoromatase
Asoromatase...... Eletigb'aroye Ba mi
Asoromatase.....He is my Father
Asoromatase...... He will never leave nor forsake me
Asoromatase...... Asoromatase ooo
Asoromatase...... Asoromatase 
Asoromatase...... Eh e e e e 

Verse 2:
Lord I believe every of Your word
Lord I trust it will turn things around 
Lord I know there is power in Your word
Cos I know Your word is You

It has never fail (never) 
And will never fail (never) 
If it doesn't work for me I know it's my fault (cos) 
What you say You say You mean
What You mean You say to me

Asoromatase.... Oun ti e ba ti so ma se 
Asoromatase.... Oro yin ni mo duro le
Asoromatase.... Asoromatase ooo
Asoromatase..... Eh e e e 
Asoromatase.... Lord I trust in You
Asoromatase..... I put my hope in You,oh uh, ye e e e 

Oro re lo fun mi n'ireti o
(Oro re o dami l'oju) 
Oro re o dami l'oju o
(Oro re o dami l'oju)
When every other thing fail, Your word will  never fail
(Oro re o dami l'oju)
I will keep on trusting You cos I know You'll come through for me
(Oro re o dami l'oju)
Coming through for me
Lord I know Your word will come through for me 
Though it tarry
It may be delayed
I know Your word will come through for me

Asoromatase..... 8ce

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