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Whatsapp Finally Rolled Out Message Deletion For All Contacts

Message recalls have been rumored on WhatsApp for months now and every couple of weeks, there's finally a glimpse of the functionality in a beta version but it was always a false alert and never properly worked. Now the option appears to be going live, with a slow rollout to more and more users.

Message deletion for all, i.e. message recalls, lets you remove a message you sent from a conversation and it won't just disappear from your end, it'll also go away on the recipient(s)'s phone. That can be handy if you sent something to someone by mistake, you made a typo, or you regretted saying something, and so on.

However, there are three caveats that go with this. One is that you can only delete messages 7 minutes after sending them, so if you miss that short window, there's no way to recall the message. Two is that if someone already opened and read the message, your deletion will only affect their ability to take a screenshot or search for its content later: they already saw it and that's the end of it. Three is that you won't be notified if message recalling worked on the recipient(s)'s end, so you can't be sure if the deletion happened successfully or not.

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