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Get Paid For Answering Questions on MYSCHOOL

You can now start a programme to Pay you in Cash for every question you provide a solution to, on the Myschool Website (Questions Section Only), has. Yes! You will be paid cash, and credit your bank account, once you reach the minimum threshold.
We understand that a lot of students have answers to majority of questions posted on Myschool, however, they are either not motivated or simply don't have enough data to offer help to other students. Remember we used to offer SMS credits for answers? Well it's even better now. It's real Cash this time around.
Get Paid to Answer Questions on Myschool - Start Now!
Since the launch of our new website, you may have noticed you now have a Dashboard, with a section that shows Earnings as below;
From the above given example, I currently have N23,150 (Twenty Three Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Naira Only).
With this new design, it shows our commitment to massively reward loyal Myschoolers from this moment going forward. We're starting with this programme for the year. Who knows? You may end up being a Gold Contributor and Permanent Earner on Myschool.

How to Get Paid to Answer Questions on Myschool

Apart from Financially rewarding Myschoolers, this programme is designed to further improve learning, as we will be dealing with both Academic and School Based Questions.
To get paid for any question, you have to provide a "SOLUTION" to whatever question was posted. We emphasized SOLUTION. Not just the answer, the detailed SOLUTION of how you got the answer. For questions that require explanations OR involve calculations, you can type the explanations or solve the question on a paper, then take a clear photo/screenshot using your Phone Camera and upload the image. This has to be done as a Comment/Answer to the question.

Rules of the Programme

  1. Providing Solutions to both Academic Questions And School-Based Questions will equally get you paid.
  2. You must be the first to answer the question CORRECTLY.
  3. If someone else answers the question correctly, within 24hrs after you have answered it, the reward goes to that person. If the person's answer is wrong, and you post a correction, you will then be rewarded for the solution your provided.
  4. Only correct answers posted within 24hrs of the first answer will be rewarded. If no one challenges your solution, we reward you for your effort.
  5. Only a question without an answer is qualified for rewards.
  6. We will pay between N5 - N10 for every solution and answer you provide to a question.
  7. Myschool reserves the right to modify the above rules, anytime we deem fit.

Claiming your payment

  1. After you provide a solution to a question, please copy the link for that question and save it.
  2. Be sure to monitor your question for at least 24hrs, in case anyone challenges your solution. You can monitor using the notifications at the top right of our website.
  3. If you have answered at least 10 questions, you can compile a list of all the links of questions you have answered.
  4. Send an email of the above compiled list, using only the same email used in your Myschool Profile.
  5. You should send the email to our special email address, which is |--- earnings[at]myschool.ng ---|
  6. We will mark your provided solutions, and award you a minimum of 5 Points (N5) for even appropriately attempting the question, and a maximum of 10 Points (N10) for well provided solutions to a question. This means you can earn as much as N100 for each email you send to us.
  7. The minimum number of links to send in each email is 10, there is no maximum limit. You can send up to 100 correctly answered links for bigger earnings.
  8. Once we mark your solutions, we will credit your account accordingly, and you will receive a notification once credited.
  9. Your email, questions and solutions will be scrutinized by a Myschool Staff, and we reserve the right not to reward you if any foul play is noticed.
  10. Please wait at least 48hrs after sending your mail, to be credited.
  11. Once you receive a "LIKE", and the reply "Thanks for your contribution" on any of the solutions you provided, be rest assured that you will be rewarded for it.

Getting your Money into your bank account

  1. Once you reach a threshold of N5000 and above, you can request for a payout.
  2. If you've not entered your bank details, you will be able to do so before payout is submitted.
  3. Payments are made within 48hrs of your request.

Tips to earn maximum points

The major tip is to provide a wholistic solution to the question asked, instead of just the answer. Example; If a user asks for the Cut-Off of a certain school, you have to tell the user why the cut-off you provided as the answer is correct. Simply put, just explain your answer beyond reasonable doubt.

How to start now?

It has started already,  and we see users already providing help and earning at the same time.  To start now, visit this link; www.myschool.ng/questions

Any Issues?

If you have any suggestions, observations or concerns about this programme, please do let us know as a comment below, so we can made amends or thrash out any issues.
Happy Earning Myschoolers,

What are your thoughts about this? Share your views with us by using the comment post below.

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