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Google, LG Unveil ‘World’s Highest-res’ OLED Display for Mobile

Announced as a “secret project” last year, Google today unveiled a high-resolution OLED display that more than triples the pixels per inch (PPI) count of current consumer headsets from HTC and Oculus. Created in partnership with LG, this screen has a 1443 PPI, wide field-of-view, and is optimized for mobile augmented and virtual reality.

AR and VR head Clay Bavor last year detailed how Google’s end goal for virtual reality is an experience that “feels completely real,” just like reality. To arrive at that point technologically, screens need to have increased visual fidelity through better acuity (sharpness) and field of view.

To achieve this, Google set out on a “secret project” to create a VR-capable OLED display with 10x more pixels than leading consumer VR displays, which are at about 2 megapixels.

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At Display Week 2018, Google is set to unveil the end result today. Created with LG Display, this 18MP OLED display has a 1443 PPI and a 120-Hz refresh rate. This 4.3-inch 4,800×3,840 prototype panel is the “world’s highest-resolution OLED-on-glass display.”

The field of view is 120×96 while Google’s research paper notes that the “upper bound” of human vision is a 9600×9000 and a FOV of 160×150.

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