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Intentional Grammatical Errors in Trump's Tweets

According to multiple sources, the White House staffers who help control President Trump’s Twitter feed are quite devoted to accurately imitating their addled boss.

West Wing employees who draft proposed tweets intentionally employ suspect grammar and staccato syntax in order to mimic the president’s style, according to two people familiar with the process.

This may not come as a big surprise to close Trump-tweet watchers — like those of us forced stay attuned to his ravings for professional purposes — who have noticed that Trump’s capitalization style has become more and more scattershot in recent months, increasingly resembling the style of a 19th-century pamphlet.

Some tweets seem to be trying a little too hard to capture that authentically unhinged Trump essence. But they’re sufficiently close to the boss’s style that bona fide experts have trouble telling the difference. The Atlantic’s Andrew McGill, who runs a bot that analyzes whether Trump actually wrote a given tweet, told the Globe that the non-presidential tweeters have “gotten increasingly sophisticated about mimicking him online.”

Aides often present Trump with three or four prewritten missives on a given topic; Trump then selects his favorite, sometimes editing the wording.

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