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Is Facebook a better place to work at than Google?

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This question was answered by Dean Jackson, former Engineer at Google (2010-2013) and now presently at Facebook (2015 - present) and I will like to share with you guys here just as he answered it.
Facebook isn’t strictly better. It’s a different place to work, that’s better for some people and worse for others.

Facebook is newer, has less process, and has a faster growth/change rate right now; more opportunity, but less stability. I think for junior folks looking around, it’s probably a better choice; the career progression is faster without being watered down, you’ll have more opportunities to work on big things sooner, but neither company punishes for failures all that much, so better odds of learning more from bigger work now.

For senior folks looking to learn from people senior to them/with deep experience? Google has more of those, as they’ve had more time to stock up. Google has a much wider range of office locations, a bit wider range of teams (although not all of them are available at sites outside of HQ).

Google today is similar to Microsoft of 1998. They’re super well known, you wanted to work there, and they’re not expanding to new things as much as massively improving older things.

Facebook today is more similar to Google of 2008. They’re super well known, you want to work there, and they may or may not expand to new things, while they’re strongly improving older things (and have a way to go on a lot of them!)
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