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Fod'el Creations: Fabrics, Clothing, Accessories and Shoes

Fod'el Creations was officially launched on June 1st, 2018. Fod'el is a fashion store more like a fashion world that sells everything fashionable which ranges from fabrics, clothing, accessories and shoes.

Fod'el Creations is registered fully with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC 2513997 in order to take its ground fully across the nation.

Vision statement:
To create a global brand and provide fashionable products at an affordable price.

Mission statement:
To make fashion an unexplainable word, taking fashion globally, to make everything around you speak fashion. 

Why in business?
Miss Ololade F. Adeyemo, the founder of Fod'el Creations has always had passion for fashion. She has always loved anything nice that can complement one's beauty most especially CLOTHS. Her dream is to be a reputable fashion icon, through this, satisfy customers and help employ young graduates out there that are willing to work most especially for those that are interested in fashion.

Meeting up with the needs of customers at the appropriate time is one of the cultures we have set on, said Miss Ololade. Prior to our launching, we are still giving our customers discounts, giveaway, and slash of prices for every product. We take complains and feedback from our customers so as to serve them better. We encourage innovations to meet challenges. 

Here are some of FOD'EL CREATIONS products:

Follow Fod'el Creations on Instagram @fodel_creations or call 08115539545 to order.

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