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Cephas - You Said ( Mp3 Download) + Lyrics

cephas - you said

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CEPHAS - You said (LYRICS)

Verse 1
Pussy squirt never been so dry you said.
Kilo's evil devil never been a liar you said
Don't know how to ride but imma die you said.
The lies you said
Nah I was saying
You complaining 
But you could lace me with them vines instead.
You deceptive
Shit's disputing
What's heartbreaking 
Than breaking your heart with the lies you said.
I understand you said? 

I was gone ride with you
Never gone die with you
Since you cooking lies imma dine with you.
Cuff me with that voodoo 
But It's trapping you
What's attracting you
Ain't as real as what could have last with you.

Going rounds like ammunition
Scar and L's the combination
Left a mark  to remember
Remember the misbehaviour 
The garbage truck left with you instead.
The truth is bitter but damn you gave me juice instead.
Met you in a party
blame it on the Henny 
blame it on the DJ
Nigga made me touch your body
but you could tell somebody you never forget to remember me 
Damn is it the money. 
"ain't" was the shit you said.

You Said. 

You don't like em.

Verse 2.
They ain't even your type you said
You don't need em broke boys in your life you said
You don't want no shadows in the light you shed
I gave you Halogen damn you gave me fire Instead.

We could have been what would be a perfect us
But you only see the U in us mehn that shit hurt me
She tries to prove a point I diss her point now she disappointed
Swearing on her life she gave her all to onl' me

It just gone be two weeks you said
But you spent an extra one with them instead
When you texting me that you can't sleep you said
Felt concerned but then you was with him instead.
Menu is posed to be Me N U.
But you see Men and U
On God I can't keep things from you. You said
This niggas don't fuck with you. you'on like em you said.
Bitch you smart I could swear you is the one instead.

But I ain't to be about this.
Sex tape in my DM why she looking like you can you define this?
Don't tell me you're sorry or you love me. I hear that often that's your anthem.
You're done shedding croc tears how the hell you became a bad bitch.
This ain't no blackmail 

With chorus. 
You don't fuck with him (You said) 
But then you was fucking him (Instead)
Tell me Why you lie to me. (You don't like em) 

Wait are you done fucking him (You said) 
Now you want fuck with me (Instead)

Tell me why you lie to me. (You don't like em)

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