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Just as you've known us; we are ready to publicize your business and made them known worldwide. Reaching our customers online is our goal just as you are making it as a goal to meeting your customers online. Ideasgist has create the right platform for you or your company to advertise products effectively. We promote our targeted readers business offline/online.

Below you’ll find all the specifications we use to reach out to people across different demography, Geo-locations to satisfy the wants of numerous Mobile, Desktop, High End Devices and Social Media Users. Our audience profile has grown constantly over the years with interesting and engaging content for our readers who always come back for more. 


Products well advertise effectively grow effectively. You don't know what you are missing until it comes to you. We publicize all our advertise post, ads or article using all our social  media networks especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon , Reddit, then also to all our social mobile app BBM Channel, Whatsapp Group in marketing anything online; and even on 2go that a lot of people already think it is not popular but that is how we made our way through amidst our competitors and to get your product reach young and adults.

TIME is always our priority and that is why company like jijihopecity, etc. have paid to use our networks and services in creating buzz around their businesses and none has regret working with us because we never disappoint them.

Many brands have leveraged on the popularity of our website to create more awareness for their brands and we also explore paid advertising in promoting my online products, businesses and services. Remarketing and search advertising are some of the skills we use in increasing sales and creating awareness for our online businesses.

Our organisation has been in the business of web and social development for some time now and we believe that our services are unparalleled which is why we have remained at the forefront of the industry. "We make it easy for customers to do business with us and we listen to our customers and understand their needs"

We accept ads banner that are as follows:
728 x 90 ad banner
160 x 600 ad banner
120 x 600 ad banner
300 x 600 ad banner
300 x 250 ad banner
250 x 250 ad banner
125 x 125 ad banner
120 x 240 ad banner
240 x 400 ad banner
468 x 60 ad banner

Note: We also accept ads of your interest. Get in touch with us to find out more details about it.

The most interesting part of it is that your ad can be seen by our mobile readers depending on the ad plan you opted for.

We also publish sponsored posts that is if you have a product or you render a service that you want people to know about, we can publish it for you and it will remain on our blog forever. The advantage of sponsored posts is that the post can appear in search engines and will be live on our social media channels.

We are also into promoting of music and videos for local/international artists, if you have a good song or video that you want the world at large to be aware of, we will get it done for you right away.

We also create awareness of events; are you organizing an event and you need our team to create awareness about it on our social online media? We are here for you, a trial will convince you and you will keep asking for more...

Interested in any of our paid review for your product, service or business, please do contact us.

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